The Best Vape Juice For Your Needs: Factors To Consider

When you are planning to use a vaping device to help you quit smoking, there are many factors you must consider that can ensure you get a suitable device and that it is an enjoyable experience for you. You can choose from many different types of vaping devices, depending on whether you prefer a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung device, and you will also need to take your time selecting the best e-liquids for your needs. Below are some factors you must consider when choosing the perfect vape juice to help you pick something that will enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is enjoyable.

The PG & VG Ratio

The two primary ingredients of e-liquids are vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), and the ratio of these is displayed on the e-liquids. You can use vape juice that is a 50/50 ratio in most vaping devices, but when choosing one with a higher VG ratio, say 70/30, you will need a vaping device with a sub-ohm coil. Ensure you know what coils your vaping device uses to help you choose the best e-liquid with the correct ratio to make it a more pleasant experience. No matter what VG/PG ratio you get, plenty of options are available for different flavours and nicotine strengths.

The Nicotine Strength

You will also need to select an e-liquid with a suitable nicotine strength to help control your cravings for a cigarette. When you use an e-liquid that is too strong for your needs, you can overdose on it, giving you a headache and making you feel nauseous. However, selecting an e-liquid that is not strong enough will mean you struggle to control your impulses to smoke and could easily relapse into smoking again. Many options are available for the nicotine strength of e-liquids, and they are available from 0mg to 20mg+ of nicotine.

Consider Nicotine Salts

You can also consider using a salt nic e-liquid from, a more effective delivery system for nicotine and can mean you vape less. Using e-liquids with nicotine salt can help you deliver the nicotine quicker than through a traditional e-liquid, and as it is so effective, the theory is you vape less. You will need to ensure that your chosen vaping device is suitable for use with nicotine salt e-liquids, and when it comes to flavours, there are plenty of options available.

A Vast Array Of Flavours

You will also need to ensure that you use flavours of e-liquids that you enjoy and that taste delicious. Plenty of options are available, and some more obscure flavours if you look hard enough. There are six primary flavour categories from which you can choose, which are:

  • Tobacco Flavours
  • Menthol Flavours
  • Candy Flavours
  • Dessert Flavours
  • Drink Flavours
  • Fruit Flavours

You will want to have several flavours you use and ensure you rotate them regularly, as you can become blind to the taste when using the same one continuously. There are lots of flavours ad combinations available, and with some experimentation, you can find the perfect one’s for you and make vaping pleasurable so you do not go back to smoking.

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